Aesthetic meets purpose.  —  Intention meets artistry.

NOWWON is a positive force composed of people and their intentions, working to heal or nourish others via thoughtful products, services, events and partnerships.

In short, we’re creators.
And everything we create is just one strand in a larger tapestry of love and healing. Whether we’re creating high quality handmade goods or running multi-disciplinary workshops—you can be assured that NOWWON is creating from a place of love and clear intention to improve the lives of those around us.


About Erin CasTellino

Erin’s journey to find balance, began like many journeys before hers.

One day, as a multi-disciplinary designer with over 20 years experience creating sensory experiences across the world, she found Yoga.

Then she found Meditation.

And, finally—Stillness.

It was from within this stillness that she was able to separate the noise of life from the truth of her inner voice. And this truth was louder and bigger than any outside noise could ever be. It led her to think profoundly and globally.

To dream big and bold.

To create a company called NOWWON.