Night Sky Compassion Wrap

Night Sky Compassion Wrap

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The Night Sky Compassion Wrap is about balance. It isn’t fully black—just as nothing in nature truly is— and instead employs principles of light and dark. Night and Day. Push and pull. The tides of change rolling in and out.

Every piece in the Compassion Collection is aesthetically beautiful. But the most beautiful feature of these handknit pieces can’t be seen with the eye. It needs to be felt. And it isn’t just the softness of the yarn. It’s the intention behind these products. They’re intended to help heal. To create a physical comfort that becomes an emotional comfort and leads to support and warmth in a time of need or processing.

In other words, when you feel like a hot mess—these pieces are like a big hug from warm cloud.

Do you have to feel in a place of need to best appreciate these wraps and hats? Not by a long shot. An early morning coffee beneath the morning sun. A joyful moment with your child. An evening with loved ones. These are all perfect moments to feel the benefit of your Compassion Collection wrap or hat.

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  • Each piece is one-of-a-kind, thus sizes can vary
  • Generally, sizes range from 12"-14" wide and 40"-96" long
  • Custom Sizes are available: HERE


  • Dry clean for best results.
  • Chunky knits are delicate; shedding and pilling are natural with use.
  • Pills can be trimmed to look like new.


The purest, softest ball of love around. Pure Love is made from 100% family-raised, undyed alpaca fiber. Each skein brings together the beauty of an entire herd with the spectrum of natural alpaca colors variegated into a single skein. Both color combinations create natural striping, especially when using stockinette stitch.

Love Fest Fiber’s Pure Love yarn is raised and spun on a family farm in Washington State and each skein takes 1-2 hours to spin. Because alpaca is naturally free of lanolin and other oils, many find it to be hypoallergenic and no harsh chemicals are needed to process the fiber.